Ghosted? Have I got a song for you!

Rotterdam-based producer and singer-songwriter Love Boundaries has released ‘Friendly Ghosts,’ an upbeat electropop track about… being ghosted. Because writing a ballad about it would have been boring.

Drawing inspiration from the shimmering synthwave nostalgia currently sweeping through pop music and the ethereal falsetto choruses reminiscent of early 2010s indie pop, Friendly Ghosts is a retro-tinted single searching for an answer from the ghosts who go silent on us.

“We’ve all been there,” says Jan, the man behind the synthesizer. “Maybe we flirted on a holiday but can’t deal with each other in real life? Or maybe we were friends, but my brand of crazy is no longer compatible with yours, and you got tired of telling me that, so you stopped telling me anything. Or maybe we’re just busy dealing with our own ghosts from the past! And we’re all just left chasing that question mark.”

Love Boundaries is a synthpop project by Jan Arsenovic, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In 2022, Jan remixed a Bulgarian folk song, went viral in the Balkans, then got too freaked out to release any music for a while. “Maybe releasing this track puts that ghost to rest?”

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