Let’s Focus on the Good!

Sophie van Hasselt releases a new song called ‘Focus on the Good’.

It delves into the struggle of never feeling satisfied. It is a motivational song, to remind us to embrace simplicity and acceptance.

Let go of all the voices in your head, by opening your eyes, looking around you and enjoy what you have right now.

Release ‘Agency’

Progressive indie rock artist Dunn, known for his dynamic work with bands like Carceri, The Great Communicators, and Voodoo Chambers, is excited to announce the release of his latest EP, ‘Agency’. This new EP, featuring five eclectic tracks, will be available on Friday, June 28.

‘Agency’ is a captivating collection of progressive indie rock songs that showcase Dunn’s signature style and versatility. Each track explores a different aspect of the profound question of whether humans truly possess the ability to act on their own free will. Through intricate melodies, powerful rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics, Dunn delves into the complexities of human agency, offering listeners a unique and introspective musical experience.

“I recently found out that some ideas on this EP have lived on my computer in various shapes and forms for over 10 years, so I’m very happy to share their final form with everyone,” Dunn shares.

To celebrate the release of ‘Agency’, Dunn will be performing with a full live band at Paard, Den Haag on Friday, June 28 and Cinetol, Amsterdam . This special event promises to be an unforgettable evening of music, marking a significant milestone in Dunn’s artistic journey.

Don’t miss this chance to experience ‘Agency’ live and connect with Dunn’s innovative sound and insightful lyrics.

The Unknown

June Sixteen is ready to launch their newest track “The Unknown” on June 16th. Exactly one year after the release of the debut album “Traveling Colors”.

“The Unknown” is a co-creation with Within Temptation drummer Mike Coolen, guitarist Gio Sliwa, Chicago based singer Dom Sky and Julie-O on flute.

The song starts off with a flower power vibe and has a surprising twist to some vintage rock sounds.

Check out the song to hear if you can recognize yourself in the lyrics.

-June Sixteen- is a music project by Angelique Piovillico and Patrick de Kok. They write their songs together and ask different musicians to join them in creation. Every track is made with another team of talents.

Night Club

dj detour’s 8th full-length track “Night Club” kicks off a thrilling listening experience with a bass heavy hook and a bouncy EDM bridge both inspired by Daft Punk, rising to an electric crescendo that is already resonating with listeners from around the world even through the track was released only a week ago.

The song’s intense lyrical interplay and energetic vocal flow make “Night Club” a compelling underground hit. So far, dj detour’s music has been featured by a wide variety of Spotify playlists, radio stations, and media outlets including Vitrola Play, Music Connoisseur, Alt Music Radio, Melodic Vibe(s), Groover Radio, and Musicalizar from Brazil. Several music publications will be writing articles about dj detour’s tracks later this year including Tracklist from Brazil, Certified Bop Magazine, and Provo Music Magazine among others.

dj detour is an underground music producer going live in Miami and Tampa this year with original tracks and rave-ready remixes, currently working on a double album featuring a dubstep fusion of musical genres. “Night Club” is a brand new EDM/Grime fusion released on June 9th, and the first of his tracks to feature full vocals and overdub techniques that will frequent his future recordings.

Look forward to the next single from dj detour this July!

Wolfskop is back with monstrous new single ‘Parasites’

Where there’s smoke…

Wolfskop pals Wannes, Daan, Marcin and Erik join hands again after eight years, because sometimes stuff is inevitable to happen.

Their new single ‘Parasites’ was written in a dark cough and a sigh of frustration on power trips and greed. Expect an energetic, monstrous heavy rock track with delicious riffs, tasteful multi-voiced vocals, and insanely amazing drums. If this doesn’t blow you away, we don’t know what will.

On Spotify June 14th. Check wolfskop.com for more.

Nederlandse Singer-Songwriter TuskHead Slaat de Handen Ineen met Muzikanten uit Nashville en Dallas voor “Modern Electric Sessions”

TuskHead, het muzikale alter ego van de Nederlandse singer-songwriter Patrick van Zandwijk, staat op het punt de muziekwereld te veroveren met zijn nieuwste creatie, de “Modern Electric Sessions” EP.

De EP, opgenomen in de legendarische Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, Texas, zal op 12 juli worden uitgebracht, zowel digitaal als voor het eerst op prachtig 7” vinyl. Met twee diep doordringende Americana-nummers, “Maybe” en “Goodbye, Music City”, belooft deze EP een onvergetelijke luisterervaring te bieden.

De nummers zijn een vrucht van samenwerking tussen Patrick van Zandwijk en de getalenteerde songwriter Josh Morningstar, wiens eerdere werk onder meer de platinum-single “Must Be The Whiskey” voor Cody Jinks omvat. Tijdens een bezoek aan Nashville vonden ze inspiratie en creatieve synergie die resulteerden in deze tijdloze composities.

In de studio werkte Patrick samen met de befaamde producer en audio-engineer Joel Raif gedurende drie intensieve dagen, waarbij hij deelde in de magie van samenwerking met gitarist Nik Lee en bassist Scott Edgar Lee, Jr. van The Texas Gentlemen. Hun samenwerking ving de rauwe essentie van TuskHead’s Americana-geluid, waardoor een sonisch landschap ontstond dat diep geworteld is in het hart van Amerikaanse muziektradities.

De “Modern Electric Sessions” EP belichaamt de geest van Patrick’s reis door Amerika, van het delen van schrijfsessies met zijn idool Josh Morningstar tot het opnemen met de muzikanten van een van zijn favoriete bands, The Texas Gentlemen. Het eindresultaat is een meeslepende en gepassioneerde uitdrukking van zijn artistieke visie.

De EP is gemixt en gemasterd door Joel Raif, waarbij elk nummer tot leven is gebracht op de plek waar het voor het eerst werd geboren. Deze release belooft een mijlpaal te worden in de carrière van TuskHead en een must-have toevoeging aan elke muziekverzameling.

Voor meer informatie en updates over de release, volg TuskHead op sociale media en bezoek de officiële website: www.tuskhead.com. Pre-order de limited edition vinyl via bit.ly/modernelectricsessions.

Eerdere muziek door TuskHead:

Experimental Faroese artist Silvurdrongur Releases new Singles Spælidrongur + Shamandrongur (Game Kid + Shaman Kid)

Faroese multidisciplinary artist and driving force behind critically acclaimed band AGGRASOPPAR Silvurdrongur announces experimental new concept album ‘nú æt eg eftir ánni’, which is out on 17th of July via Tutl Records. He’s also releasing the double single Spælidrongur and Shamandrongur.

About the singles, Silvurdrongur said “These two new singles are both dance/club oriented, but in quite a different way. Spælidrongur has a brainmeltingly fresh synth mixed with watery drums and shouting vocals about “my God sings / my God plays / my God dances”, while Shamandrongur is earthly with a steady beat that explodes into two seperate crescendos – with a lot of lyrics in different styles of singing and rapping.”

The album is performed entirely in one of the world’s smallest languages, Faroese. Its title means “Now I was named after the river”, and it reflects a poetic and symbolic throughline in the album, as all the song titles refer to different names of creatures that reside by the river, and the starkly alien sounds of the music inspire new genre definitions such as ‘Extinction Punk’, ‘Doomer Pop’, and ‘Haunted Club’.

It promises to be a strange and inspiring journey through alien soundscapes with unexpected combinations of genres and themes. Like a dark fairy tale that journeys along the riverbank of the Faroese forest, the concept comes with its own breathtaking visual universe too, combining Gwenael A. Helmsdal’s photography of the artist in a classroom of fossilised wildlife, with illustrations by late, great Faroese ornithologist and artist, Mikkjal á Ryggi as designed by Heidi Andreassen.

Silvurdrongur (Silver boy) made his debut in 2018 with the album Silvurpláta (Silver album) which was released in unison with the poetry collection Silvurbók (Silver book) and the short film 111 góðir dagar (111 good days). The multi-release harvested a host of awards: A Faroese Music Awards title for Best New Act, a Geytin Short Film Award for Best Short, and a Ebbu Hentze Award to gifted young writers.

Since then, Silvurdrongur has released six singles, including collaborations with Eivør and GFD Collective.

Now he is ready with his next album: nú æt eg eftir ánni (now I was named after the river). It promises to be a strange and inspiring journey through alien soundscapes with unexpected combinations of genres and themes. It is constructed like a fairy tale with a dangerous trip along the river in the dark Faroese forest, all told in one of the world’s smallest languages.

Ut Merækel

KOPSMART, de eigenzinnige band uit Scheveningen, heeft een nieuwe plaat.

Het langverwachte tweede album “Toet Mèm Sjors” is uitgebracht op 11 mei 2024, tegelijk met de clip “Ut Meraekel”.

Op “Toet Mèm Sjors” staan 9 nieuwe songs, met teksten gezongen in het Schevenings die gaan over de mysterieuze zee, afscheid en weerzien, schilders en vissers, heimwee naar iets vertrouwds wat iedereen herkent.

Als je het niet verstaat, dan voel je het wel.

“Toet Mèm Sjors” is Schevenings voor “het komt op hetzelfde neer” en is afgeleid van een Franse uitdrukking.

Samen met producer Maurice Mouse Bom is ook bij het nieuwe album geput uit de oerzee van de muziekgeschiedenis. Diverse muziekstijlen varen voorbij en het experiment wordt niet geschuwd.

Release Stranger to her World – Raoul & the Wisemen

On May 10th, the Amsterdam based band Raoul & the Wisemen delivers their new single ‘Stranger to her World’. After release, a short release tour in the Netherlands follows.

Raoul & the Wisemen is a Dutch act that plays melodical pop music. Hopeful music about their world, (the clash) between feelings and ratio and off course love. Their new song ‘Stranger to her World’ describes a woman who takes and gets all the attention, but never shows who she really is. The mask she wears only drops when she’s going home alone deep down the ground on the subway. It raises questions about everything you share, online or in real life with others. Raoul got the inspiration for this song in his circle of friends.

In May and June the band will performa four times at different evens and locations in the Netherlands. Like a midsummer festival on June 22nd early in the morning in Flevoland. The band will play when the sun comes up at Festival Sunsation. A festival in the middle of nowhere near the observatory of Flevoland just when the summer sunlight pours trough. June 2nd, the band will perform at the Sunday Market food festival in Amsterdam selling their own Slovene wine next to the stage where they play.

Want to know more/see the tour agenda?  www.raoulandthewisemen.com

Indierockband The Violet Parade behaalt 50.000 streams met EP ‘Days of Mad Heat’

Een warme zomerdag, de verzengende zon die op je haren brandt. Is het de hitte waardoor je je zo verloren en verdwaasd voelt, of zijn die gevoelens inmiddels een permanent onderdeel van je leven?

Indierockband The Violet Parade uit Leiden/Amsterdam bracht in november zijn eerste EP ‘Days of Mad Heat’ uit via Spotify en YouTube. Deze release is zeer succesvol gebleken: inmiddels is het album goed voor ruim 50.000 streams. Op deze EP verkent de band emoties die je op je benen laten wankelen, de schuldvraag in een verloren liefde en de paradox van een artiest die geen aandacht wil.

Over The Violet Parade

Diepgaand maar toegankelijk, gevarieerd maar melodieus. Dat is het motto van The Violet Parade. Met een rijk palet aan invloeden maakt deze band uit Leiden/Amsterdam catchy indierock. Met dynamische nummers vol aanstekelijke refreinen en verrassende overgangen is de band klaar om Nederland te veroveren.

Eind 2023 deed The Violet Parade mee aan de Nobel Awards en begin 2024 speelde de band een succesvolle Pinguin Radio Showcase tijdens ESNS in Groningen.

The Violet Parade is: Erik Nusselder (zang), Michiel Kuis (drums), Stephan Besser (gitaar en achtergrondzang) en Sikko Stokking (bas en achtergrondzang).